Here's a glimpse into the impact Just For Kicks has had on the lives of children across urban and rural India.







Impact Timeline

Maneesh | Co-Founder of SEED Schools, Hyderabad

"The football program from Just for Kicks at SEED Schools has not only created interest in students but parents and teachers are happy too. It’s so satisfying to see happy kids around and football program has given them another big reason to love their school. I’m also inspired by seeing these kids picking up skills and competitive spirit in such a short period of time!"


Janak Bahaddur | Father of Just For Kicks Player - Kothrud Wolves, Pune

"As a parent, I saw so many positive changes in Samrat’s life, as a result of football. I saw him become more confident and more disciplined. He has a schedule he follows everyday and he is always helping us around the house. More than that, our entire family is now united because of football and what Samrat is achieving. We love listening to him and supporting him. The entire atmosphere at home is now positive."


Late Gowtham Ragavendar | Teacher at Sunrise EMS, Pune

"When my girls’ team lost the national final in Mumbai, and everyone was dejected and sitting on the turf, I lost control and broke down. I told my girls, "I was proud of them", something I had never said to them in 2 years of coaching (what with my penchant for tough love and muted celebration). Immediately, my girls took to that idea strongly. They left the city as 'Proud Runners-up', not sad 'Losers'. I witnessed the power of giving hope to those who don't see it, and that, in short, is what football's all about."