The Football Goal

By 2025, Just for Kicks hopes to see one million school children develop valuable life skills that will help them succeed socially and professionally through the powerful game of football. The journey is about providing a platform to children to achieve personal growth and fulfil their dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem, through football. Our motto is “Everyone Plays”.

Our Model

Life Skills Framework

As a game, football is a powerful tool to develop core life skills among children, something that only academics might fail to achieve within a classroom. By adopting an alternative teaching method, Just For Kicks aims to develop life skills that increase the employability of a child and above all, makes the child a better citizen, through the game of football.


Critical Thinking &
Decision Making

Critical Thinking & Decision Making:

My team is going into the second half of this match with the top 3 of 7 players out, injured. How do we still make the most of this match?

There are 2 attackers running at me with the ball. What do I do next?

Collaboration &
Interpersonal Relationships

Collaboration & Interpersonal Relationships

How do I make all players feel part of the team? How do I motivate my defender?

I need to talk to her. She doesn’t seem interested in sessions these days.

Self Awareness

Self Awareness

If I join the attack now, am I going to expose my defense?

The ball is rolled to me outside the box, can I take a shot or am I not in the right body position?


Coping with stress
& emotion

Coping with stress & emotion

Why was I substituted? Wasn’t I playing well? I don’t know what went wrong.

It is time to get my head back in the game. I have just scored and the place is going crazy. My parents are watching.


Effective Communication

I don’t think I am suited to playing defense. I am going to speak to the coach and ask him what he thinks.

Sometimes he leaves the player he’s supposed to mark, and joins the attack. I’m going to run across and make sure he sticks to task.

Respect & Empathy

Respect & Empathy

They were the better team today. We should go congratulate them on being champions of the league

The team is shouting at the goalkeeper, for a mistake she made. Let me speak to her so she has the confidence to continue playing.