Electric skateboards are so fun and the best things through which one can do physical exercises as well. It can be annoying that we are limited to sleek roads and pavement for our rides. With standard electric skateboards, we are excluded from going off the road. And the companies are now gradually introducing best all terrain electric skateboards models. We did a lot of research and compiled a list of the most interesting and compelling off road best all terrain electric skateboards.

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboards of 2020

These E-boards are not designed to be taken off road unless you consider rough pavement or short lawn grass off road. But these boards still offer way smoother rides on tarmac than most of the average electric skateboards. One of the most significant advantages of off-road electric skateboards is that they make the rides on regular pavement and tarmac even smoother.

Nowadays, people love to get electric things as it involves minimal effort, and electric skateboards are no exception. They offer a lot of fun as well as tiring too. Skating is exciting and more about fun. Riding on a skateboard means you are doing more than having a good time because riding a skateboard helps you to several exercises as well.

Our Pinnacle Choice:

Due to the numerous options available in the market, we are here to help you out with some of our top choices. These products will help you to more about the best all terrain electric skateboards, as we have distinguished them on the basis of capability and consumer reviews. The list of such products is mentioned below:

  • Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard
  • RazorX Eletric Skateboard
  • Aceshin Electric Skateboard with Remote Control
  • OUTSTORM 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard
  • Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard
  • Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard
  • Aceshin Electric Skateboard Longboard

Top – 5 Best All Terrain Electric Skateboards


Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron swagskate NG3 Electric skateboard is for kids, teens, and this skateboard contains kick – assist A.I. smart sensors and mini E-cruiser. Move over the kick less or kick to cruise locks in your current speed upto 9.3 mph, so you can cut, carve and coast like a true skateboard legend. Powerfully responsive sensors intelligently placed sensors detect weight and motion, automatically stopping the board in seconds when you dismount. These sensors can save you from yourself, and this stopping board system makes it unique. Its real feel polyurethane wheels along with the polypropylene deck have the flexibility to handle pavement like a professional, absorbing shocks save you from the bumper pavement, which makes it best all terrain electric skateboards.


  • The shockers save you from the bumper pavements
  • Checked by their expert team of the U.S.
  • An ideal choice for an individual


  • This product gets overheated
  • No sustainable speed

RazorX Eletric Skateboard

The razorX electric skateboard is powered by a 125-watt motor, providing a lithium-ion-powered electric skateboarding action at speed up to 10mph for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. This skateboard comes under the size of 29.7 inches (754mm) deck length and quality 5-ply maple deck deliver a lightweight, responsive ride perfect for cruising. This includes a wireless (2.4 GHz) remote with wrist strap (replaceable) for variable speed control pf the electrifying carve-and-turn action. Features high –grip urethane wheels and custom reverse kingpin trucks for enhanced stability, perforated grip tape, and geared rear-wheel drive.


  • Recommended for age nine or older than it.
  • High-performance gear.
  • Comes with huge size.


  • Supports only 220 pounds.
  • You can face malfunctioning soon.

Aceshin Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

This one you call as the best all terrain electric skateboards as the aceshin electric skateboard with remote control is made for adults and teens as well. This electronic skateboard has 250W Dual motor, with the top speed of 20KM/H and 10 KM ranged longboard seven layers maple waterproof board. This electronic skateboard has two modes and speeds for the beginners or advanced skaters. It also comes with reverse capability; you can reach a max speed of up to 20KM/H. Once it is fully charged, it can reach a maximum range to 10KM. This product consists of a secured 24V 22000mAh Lithium battery pack (Battery is included), which can be fully charged within 2 hours.


  • Comes with good speed
  • Made up to 7-ply maple wood, this makes it quite stronger.
  • It has Ergonomic wireless remote


  • It is quite expensive

OUTSTORM 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard

The outstorm 31MPH Road electric skateboard has a powerful motor of 3300W and has a top speed of up to 31MPH. Using dual 1650W brushless motors, your rides and adventures will take you further than ever before. Unlike the similar products at the market, this off-road longboard uses heavy duty 7.8×2 inches pneumatic rubber tires, being suitable for all kinds of terrains. The sturdy, balanced wheels allow the board to tromp over all types of surfaces from concentrate, gravel, grass, and more. This best all terrain electric skateboards is a motorized skateboard that includes wireless remote control, having a modern ergonomic design and outstanding features among which speed control joystick, high and low speed switch, reverse button and signal indicator.


  • An excellent gift for kids or an adult
  • The ultimate wireless controls make it more classy
  • Different tiers and shockers make it more amazing.


  • This skateboard needs 4 hours for a complete charge

Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard

The evolve skateboards have the highest speed of 26MPH, and this skateboard ranges up to 31 miles on the street version. Up to 18.5 miles on the all terrain version varies depending on rider weight, terrain, and riding style. It has a top speed of 22-26 mph on the street version. Approximately 22-25 mph on the all terrain version. This may vary depending on the rider weight and terrain. The magnetic trigger controls for smoothest acceleration and brake feeling.


  • Have an excellent speed of 22-25 mph
  • Great remote controls make it more reliable
  • Ranges up to 31 miles on the street version


  • It is very expensive

Benefits of an E-skateboard:

In the above points, we have mentioned some of the best all terrain electric skateboards to make your selection easy. One of the most significant advantages of off-road electric skateboards is that they make the rides easy on regular pavement and tarmac even smoother. Changing from the sidewalk to the road, riding over rails, getting up the from the pavement.

Electric skateboards are similar to the standard skateboards expect that they have an electric motor that drives them forward. Usually, you open the throttle, control the speed and brake with a hand-held remote control. They are very convenient while working, but these boards help you to do some physical exercises while operating them.

Here are some FAQs of E-skateboard:


Do the E-skateboards have the breaks?

Ans. Yes, they have breaks in it. You have a hand-held remote that controls all activities of the skateboard and your transmission, whether you want to start, increase your speed, or even stop. You can control all of it through your hands.

Who has invented the Electric skateboard?

Ans. Louie Finkle, the original creator of the electric skateboard.

Are the E-skateboards safe?

Ans. Accidents can happen unexpectedly. In general electric skateboarding is safe, but it is essential to be prepared for the worst. Therefore it is safe to say that electric skateboarding is unsafe for those who don’t take necessary precautions while driving.


Things to consider before buying an electric skateboard:

As you all know, the electric skateboard defines itself by its name; there are several things that you need to know before purchasing any product. Here we have mentioned some points that you should consider before buying an electric skateboard.

The E-skateboard should be waterproof:

Nobody can predict the future; likewise, nobody can predict the weather as well. You should choose a waterproof skateboard. Imagine you are have an e-skateboard which is not waterproof, and suddenly it starts raining what will you do? You are left with two options, either run to save your skateboard or give up a hope that it will work again. Don’t let these two option happens with you choose the water skateboard.

Comprehensive warranty:

Such warranty assures you that you are at a safer side; the company or a manufacturer provides you the change, refund, or replacement on any malfunctioning. The more extended warranty is, the better one. Find out if you will void the warranty by attempting to repair the board entirely.

Battery backup

If you want to buy an electric skateboard, then you should consider the first 2 points and this point as well. You should choose the product which has a longer battery life so that you can have more fun with an extended battery life of your best all terrain electric skateboards.


Buying guide – what matters the most?

Now we are here with a buying guide that will tell you about what things should you consider before purchasing an electric skateboard. We have classified some of the best all terrain electric skateboards for you. So the consumer would be at ease while purchasing the right one according to their choice. Let’s have a look at them:

Quality: An electric skateboard is a quite expensive gadget, so being a consumer, you should choose the product which is assured by the experts that this product is made up of excellent quality material and durable.

Ply layers: Ply layers is an essential thing that you should check before buying because the durability of the skateboard is totally depended upon the ply layers. More ply layers make your skateboard more durable and stronger.

The final interpretation:

The best all terrain electric skateboards provide a kid better source of entertainment. Most of the electronic skateboard is made up of such material which can hold up the weight of an adult. This makes an attractive and fun loving gadget through which everyone can play and have fun. These skateboards are serving people globally with happiness.

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