Nowadays, longboarding has become a popular sport for many. Actually, bearings can affect the operation of a longboard much. There is a wide range of bearing brands available on the market today. You need to keep in mind the standard size of the skateboard, as well as the longboard is 608. However, you can also try different products. Keep reading this article; we will help to narrow your option with our list of best bearings for longboards. 

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Top 5 Best Bearings for Longboards Reviews

Are you looking for the best Longboard Bearings? Then you’re right place today. Here we have for you top 5 best bearings for longboards review of 2020. 

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings – Best Skate Bearing


This is one of the best brands in bearings(Read more:Bearing manufacturers) . This brand has become one of the most favorite ones in the industry because of their Reds bearings. They promise to give you fantastic bearings. They bring excellent values. They have washers as well as spacers. 

However, they also have some issues. Indeed, the consistency may be a concern. And, another concern is the lube. It is fine for some. Therefore, it’s important to consider your own lube. 


  • A popular brand on the market
  • Bring both washers and spacers


  • Inconsistent quality 
  • Pre-lubed
  • The fine lube is just for some

Silver ABEC 9/ABEC 11 Bearings – Fastest Longboard Bearings


In comparison with the Bones Reds, these bearings are actually better. Actually, this brand is one of the most famous brands out there thanks to its durability and marketing. In fact, they offer solid and affordable bearings. 

If you choose these bearings, you will get the smoothest ride. Moreover, you can also install them with ease. These bearings don’t bring the same features as the Reds. However, they are good choices for your budget. 

One problem you may face with these bearings is that many sets are accompanied by a poor job done with the pre-applied lube. This may require you to completely clean off them. 


  • Incredibly smooth ride
  • Affordable price
  • Pre-lubed


  • Marketing problems cause misinformation
  • Their durability has not yet be admitted

Yellow Jacket Premium Bearings – Cheap and High Speed Bearings


Yellow Jacket claims to offer a higher precision compared to the competition. They offer you protection from dust, dirt, as well as different debris. Also, you will receive a money-back guarantee when purchasing these bearings. 

However, some users complained about their durability. However, the manufacturer will give you a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their products. 


  • Money back-guarantee
  • Good bearing at an excellent price
  • Pre-lubed without any issues


  • Not ideal for bombing
  • The durability may be not consistent

NEAL Precision Ceramic Bearings – Best Ceramic Longboard Bearings


There are three styles of the NEAL Precision bearings out there. They include ceramic, swiss, as well as titanium. These bearings are actually the highest levels of durability here. However, they are more expensive compared to most others on our list. 

If you don’t concern about their costs, they are the best value investment on the list. However, these bearings also have the low viscosity of the lube. Therefore, you need to have the proper lube to clean them. 


  • Offers the smoothest ride out there
  • Brings the pre-lube
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Inconsistent quality
  • Lasting quality may be decided by the skill of the user

VXB 608ZZ Set of 8 Skateboard Bearing 608Z Shielded Ball Bearings


Their jack of all trades operates greatly for easy riders. These bearings are great choices for those who just want to ride with their pets in the afternoon. They are also at an affordable price. Actually, these bearings are used for machinery more frequently compared to skating.

It’s easy to buy four or five sets of the BC’s with the cost of just one set of the NEALs. You can get a high-end bearing when you invest in ones with the price, which is more than average. This is not suitable for those who are finding a cheap way to begin learning the sport.


  • Excellent price
  • Great for entry-level riders
  • Double shielded removes the bad stuff


  • Lube could be better
  • Rough ride
  • Not well-designed board

Frequently Asked Questions 


Which Is The Most Important Part Of Longboard Bearings?

The answer is the lubrication as well as the seal. They are the two most important parts. There are many serious issues in longboard bearings caused by dirt and debris. The fact is that we can see plenty of dirt on the ground. Both of these two factors are able to muck up the performance of your longboards. 

How can I do to Clean & Maintain Longboard Bearings?

The first important step you need to do is to check the bearing design for any problems. It’s important to find any dirt and debris. At the same time, don’t forget to check whether the wheels are rough. You should also clean the shield all up. It’s a good idea to frequently evaluate the overall feeling of the model. If you notice any differences, you need to take your time to clean them. 

Are Some Bearings Packed with A Pre-Lubricated Design?

Well, there are so many units out there coming with a pre-lubricated design. They may also include special racing lubrication. This racing lubrication is actually modern lubrication for the best performance. It’s best to consider consistent lubrication sessions. You should always maintain your bearings in order to get the best results. 


All the bearings on our list are great options you can try. Some of them are designed to fit into multiple areas. If you are looking for ones that are just for starting, the BC Precision VXB 608 is highly recommended for you. Also, you can also consider the Bones Reds. Both of them are a great option for the money. Other choices are worth the money as well. We’ve put our reviews with both the pros and cons of each product. More importantly, you should choose one that fits you best. Now, just use our reviews as a guide and start your shopping until you choose the perfect one for your needs. 

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