The electric skateboards are the gadgets that are reliable, portable and provide you a smooth ride, and they are eco-friendly as well. The electric skateboards define itself as they totally depend upon the electrical charge; such skates come with a battery that is charged entirely within 2.5 -3 hours, and the lithium-ion battery makes it more reliable.

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards under $500

Top 5 Best Electric Skateboards under $500 Reviews


Here we have distinguished the best electric skateboards under $500so you would be at ease while choosing an electric skateboard that is under your budget. In this article, we have categorized some awesome skateboards through which you can get an idea and suggestions as well. Riding an electric skateboard is yet another joyful physical activity that will keep you healthy and joyful together. So head towards them without investing much time, let’s have a look at them:

COZYSWAN Electric Skateboard, Upgraded 32”


COZYSWAN electric skateboard, upgraded 32’ hands – free control electric longboard skateboard which has build-in LED lights and wireless remote control as well. With a series of pressure sensors and an intelligent algorithm, you can control skateboard advanced by merely shifting your weight. It is designed for everyone, no skateboarding experiences required as we have selected this product from the best blitzart electric skateboard reviews. This product is very easy and convenient to handle as it was designed for fun and joyful activities, though it is also suitable for the teens to ride them around the town and school. It provides you good range and high speed as you can reach a max speed of 15KM/H. Once it is fully charged, it can reach a maximum speed range of 12 to 15 miles. This skateboard contains a secured 24V 2200mAh Lithium battery pack, which can be fully charged within 3 hours.


  • The battery can be fully charged within 3 hours
  • Teenagers can ride them to the school as well
  • The LED indicators in it make attractive and cool.
  • This E-skateboard is convenient to ride.


  • No cons found

Aceshin Electric Skateboard Longboard


The aceshin electric skateboard with remote control is specially made for kids. The remote has three-speed modes and ergonomic remote control. It also comes with reverse capability, perfect and the best all-terrain electric skateboards for the beginners who prefer the stable speed. This electric skateboard has an inbuilt feature that this product automatically turns off after 5 minutes to prevent itself from overheating and to consume less power; these features make it more durable. This skateboard is made with six layers of northeast maple and one bamboo, which was solid and stable. It is also a lightweight board that weighs up to 12lbs, and this one is quite easy to transport.


  • Capable of hold weight up to 140 lbs.
  • Contains massive motor 350W.
  • Remote pairing is very convenient.


  • No cons found.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard


The Alouette phoenix riders electric skateboard are the strongest and durable skateboards, which is made of 6 ply layers of maple deck and one layer of bamboo, which allows it to be quite flexible and sturdiness. This electric skateboard has the highest speed of 16MPH; it is also capable of climbing. The 83mm brushes HUB dual-motor each 250W with regenerative braking make it more reliable to trust; it consists of 4400mAh, 25.2V lithium battery makes it powerful and allows to boost speed easily. Ergonomic remote, which is wireless, comes with a display screen so you would be at ease while purchasing them.


  • This product comes with a complete replacement warranty for six months.
  • Contains the powerful lithium battery.
  • The strongest E-skateboard with easy access.


  • You may face some issues regarding battery charge.

Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus


The spadger electric skateboard is the one which you have been looking for, it provides good speed and a hot look. These are features through which you can’t deny it; though this E-skateboard is least in price, it doesn’t mean this is unable to perform any task. The spadeger D5X needs 2-3 hours for the complete charge and contains 36V, 4.0Ah lithium battery. This skateboard can bear weight up to 264lbs, the manufacturers of this product provides you the top speed of 23MPH, ranges up to 12 miles and the powerful dual motor of 900W. The deck of this product has made up of 8 layers, which makes it the strongest.


  • It contains the strongest motor of 900W.
  • This skateboard is made of 8 ply of northeast maple.
  • It has the most powerful motor of 900W.


  • No cons found.

Meepo Electric Skateboard


The meepo electric skateboard is the best electric skateboard under 500, as it has a top speed of 29MPH. After considering the specifications and here we have selected this product. This skateboard is made of 10ply Canadian maple wood and supports a fast charge of 2 hours; it can bear weight up to 150lbs. The quick charge support allows exploring the world with a range of 11 miles. The wheels are 90mm and 82A in size and hardness, which makes them extremely shock absorbing. The shape of the deck adds the icing on the cake as it looks desirable and cool, such features and looks make a riders dream come true. An individual can’t deny this skateboard from purchasing.


  • It has a top speed of 29MPH.
  • This skateboard is made up of 10ply Canadian maple wood.
  • The bearable weight is up to 150lbs.


  • No cons found.

Benefits of electric skateboard:


Improves health:


Skateboarding has several advantages as it helps you to boost your health conditions. The E-skateboard will allow your body to move freely, and it will move al your mass and muscles and overall strength. Through skateboarding, you will improve the general functioning of your nervous system, and you will learn how to maintain the body balance while moving through it.

Faster speeds:


Some of the most influential electric skateboards can reach a max speed of 24-22 miles. This means you can match the speed of traffic in some cases; such gadgets allow you to cross over the hill and flat surfaces as well. The maximum speed will help you to explore the world a bit faster. For more information, you can consult the best electric skateboards under 500, which we have mentioned above. The speed is completely adjustable; if you don’t feel comfortable, you can adjust it to lower speed through remote control.



The electric skateboards are entirely eco-friendly and don’t cause any harm to nature. As we all know that pollution is increasing day by day, so it is necessary to look after the condition of the climate and environment. Considering all the things above, the engineers have designed this gadget entirely pollution-free and easily accessible.

Best of both worlds:


Electric skateboards are the ideal deal of two in the pack of one. They can be transformed from an electric skateboard into a simple skateboard easily. The riders can simply turn off the motorized drive system; after that, they can easily do the skateboards stunts conveniently. The electric skateboards are a genuine mode of transportation as well; they can be moved around town effectively.

Provides convenient ride:


The electric skateboards can work as a mode of transport for the school going kids and adults as well because it avails the utmost speed of 24MPH. The speeds and breaks are easily adjustable through remote control. The RC-skateboard allows you to access several features and things through it. The rider can use electric skateboard while going at short distance places.


Saves money:


Several people cannot afford a car or vehicle because of any issues, either financial or something else, so the electric skateboard will be the best choice for them to go. The electric skateboards are completely eco-friendly, and they work as a mode of transportation as well. It saves money and allows roaming around the city effectively.


Here are some frequently asked questions:


Name some best electric skateboards.

There are some electric skateboards apart from our pinnacle choice, lets them out

  • The best electric skateboard
  • Inboard M1 electric skateboard
  • Skatebolt electric skateboard
  • Acton blink S2 dual-motor electric skateboard
  • Blitzart huracane electric skateboard
  • Riptide electric longboard
  • Teamgee electric skateboard
  • Boosted board (2nd generation)

Is riding a skateboard is legal?

Electric skateboards can work as a mode of transport though it is legal to ride them; you need to learn how to ride it to overlook any future accidents or damages.

How fast can an individual skate?

The professional players can reach speeds up to 20 miles, which 32km per hour.

Is skating faster than running?

After considering and overviewing the reviews, we are here with a verdict, which is the skate and running both seem similar. Still, while skateboarding, you just have to maintain body balance and know how to control the remote, therefore running requires effort and makes you tired before reaching the destination.

Mention some health benefits which we get from skating.

There are several health benefits that we get from skateboarding; here, we are mentioning some of them:

  • Good for cardio health
  • Boost your body stamina
  • You can learn how to maintain body balance while riding
  • It allows you to do physical activity joyfully
  • Allows you to breathe in fresh air
  • The skateboarding can divert your mind towards the positive side
  • Capable of relieving stress from your daily life

Electric Skateboard under $500 Buying guide – what matters the most?

Probably you have heard about the electric skateboard including their features and manufacturing those things can distract you from buying the right product and there are higher chances that you can buy the wrong product. Here we have classified some best electric skateboard under 500, so you would be at ease while making a decision because it is necessary that you should focus on your requirements. The following points will guide you towards an ideal choice:

Quality: The quality of the product is the first thing that strikes our mind while thinking of buying something yourself. The product should be made of good quality material, which can make it durable and reliable for consumption.

Ply maple and bamboo layers: The ply and bamboo layers make it stronger and durable as well. These layers can make a skateboard flexible and stronger simultaneously; the more layers make the product firm and long-lasting.

Battery (fast charge support): While talking about the electric skateboard, the battery backup is the first thing that matters the most. An electric skateboard should capable of completing charge within 2 to 3 hours.

Attractive look: An electric skateboard must have the features mentioned above, but the skateboard should look attractive and cool so the buyer could stop himself/herself from buying it.

The closure:

Here we are with closure, and that is the electric skateboards are the life savior for the ordinary people. These skateboards help you in several ways and make you perform several physical activities joyfully; we have mentioned all the necessary things that you need to know about an electric skateboard.

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