There are several benefits which we are getting from physical activities these activities helps us to control or prevent many diseases. Like any other sport, skateboarding can also be a great physical activity to keep you fit and healthy. Riding a skateboard helps you to do several physical activities in a joyful way. In this article, we have distinguished some of the best skateboards /longboards considering best globe longboards reviews through which you will be ease while choosing the best one according to you.

Top 5 Best Globe Longboards Reviews for Beginners

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Riding a longboard is yet another joyful physical activity that helps you to do several physical exercises without any effort to push yourself to do it. Such activities help you to reduce the risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest and many other diseases that can cause death.

A skateboard helps you to relief and relieves the stress of your daily; here, we have some of the best longboards which we have classified based on best globe longboards reviews. These things will help you to know more about it.

Top 5 Best Globe Longboards Reviews of 2020


In this article, we have classified some of the best products considering best globe longboards reviews, quality, price, and reputed manufacturers. These are the things which we have considering while making the pinnacle choices. Such products will help you to know more about longboards and their benefits as well. Without investing much time, let’s have a look at them:

Globe Blazer XL Sun Flower Longboard:


The globe blazer XL sun flower longboard will let you experience the thrill by crushing the streets at high speed levels with the Globe Blazer XL complete skateboard. This skateboard is commonly used by the professionals because it measures 9.75” wide X 36.25 long and an ideal choice for the skateboarders. It has a diamond tail cruiser with a built-in bottle opener with a white oak + hard rock maple. The wheel size of such skateboards is 62mm 78a soft cruiser wheels. It comes come with clear broadcast grip, this series is an artist series by Niya Niya studio.


  • Common favorite of the professional skateboarders.
  • It comes with a massive deck size.
  • This skateboard looks attractive and pretty.


  • It is quite expensive.

Globe Byron Bay Sesame Street Big Bird Longboard


This is the skateboard which you was looking for as it is the prior choice of the skateboarders. This skateboard provides you the high speed through which you can rule the streets like a wind. The Globe Byron bay sesame street big bird longboard complete the skateboard is a perfect choice to blew up the hills, carving sidewalks, etc,. these are the skateboards which supports the initiative, which serve for the education of several poor kids and take care of their education as well. This product have ABEC 7 bearing with super high rebound bushings.


  • Comes with ABEC 7 bearings.
  • It is made up with a huge deck size.
  • It looks very pretty.


  • No cons found.

Globe Pinner Classic Fire Island Longboard


The globe is having a massive collection of the skateboards here we have distinguished this one on the basis of its appearance and the consumer reviews. This skateboard comes with a huge deck size, width and the length of wheelbase. The width of a skateboard depends upon the skating style and personal preference as there are en numbers of skateboards available. This skateboard holds a deck whose size is 9”X40”, such skateboards are already assembled and ready to skate.


  • It comes with a massive deck of 9”X40”.
  • The skateboard is factory assembled and ready.
  • This skateboard is made while considering pirate theme.


  • No cons found.

Globe The All Time Hellaconia Longboard


The globe all time hellaconia longboard will let you experience the thrill and help you to experience an amazing ride with it. This skateboard has a huge and different deck size of 9”X36”, though it is made up of fibecarve + V-ply and the broadcast griptape is clearly visible. It has 1500mm slant reverse kinhpin trucks, it come with a mellow concave with kick tail.


  • The manufactures provides the clear griptape.
  • It comes with mellow concave with kick tail.
  • The wheel are made up of 65mm 78a wheels.


  • No cons found.

Globe Spearpoint Mini Cork Skateboards


This is an ideal choice for the skateboarders as they can flaunt style and influence people with their way of drifting a skateboard. Its comes with a deck size of 8.5”X33.5”. This skateboard looks different and attractive though it is lesser in size comparatively other skateboards. The size of deck may vary but it is totally depend upon your choice.


  • It comes with a deck size of 8.5”X33.5”.
  • This skateboard looks attractive and pretty.
  • It is prior choice of the skateboarders.


  • No cons found.

Benefits of riding a longboard:

As we all know that engaging yourself into a physical activity provides you several benefits, but what if you engage yourself into a activity which helps you to do physical exercise joyfully? Riding a longboard is one of the activities which help you to do exercises joyfully so that you will be able to divert your mind towards a positive side and helps you relieve stress from your daily life. Here are some health benefits which we get from riding a longboard:

Support cardio health and deduct the chances of heart diseases:

Due to the rapid increase in pollution people are facing several types of health issues. Such issues can be cured just by performing several physical activities like riding a longboard. Crushing around on the longboard allows the general body movement in speed by increasing the heartbeat and making the cardiovascular system healthier and stronger.

Weight loss – helps you to lose weight and excessive fats:

Skateboarding is the best and the most innovative way to lose fat in a joyful way. Just an hour is required for longboarding, and you can lose 300 or more calories. It is an exciting way to lose weight and maintaining body balance. Through longboarding, weight loss becomes fun and the easiest way with no special diet requirements.

Enhance sound sleep:

Nowadays insomnia has become the most common disease which is not good at all. According to the doctors a human body requires approximately 8 hours of sleep, though people who are suffering from insomnia they are unable to sleep. In such conditions, they should learn to ride a longboard as this is the physical activity which will help them to get proper sleep because of stress and anxiety insomnia takes place. Riding a longboards helps you to divert your mind towards a positive side and helps you to feel refreshed; these things will prove helpful while sleeping.


Here we are with some frequently asked question:

Name some best longboards for the beginners.

  • Santa Cruz lion god
  • Krown Rasta freestyle elite
  • Quest super cruiser
  • SCSK8 bamboo series
  • Santa Cruz land shark series


What muscles do work while skateboarding?

  • Core
  • Quadriceps – The quadriceps works heavily with skateboarding
  • Hamstrings – skateboarding works your hamstring, which includes a group of four muscles
  • Glutes Maximus
  • Lower legs


Will skateboards help you to built abs?

Trust this phrase, as riding a skateboard will help you to develop abs. The skateboarding helps you to develop key muscles, e.g., hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back, and abs.


Is learning the skateboard hard?

Learning anything in this world requires patience, and riding a skateboard is one of them, though it is not that hard to learn but it requires patience. Within few months, you are able to ride a longboard fearlessly.

Can a person above 40 is eligible to learn skateboarding?

There is good news for you, which is anyone can learn skateboarding at any age. As age is just a number, you just need patience, dedication, and determination towards your focus.


Buying guide – what matters the most?

Whenever you think of buying something, whether it is household things, gadgets, exercise tools, or toys, you should consider the things which we are going to mention below these things will help you and guide towards an ideal selection. When it comes to shopping, you need to focus on the things mentioned below. Check them out:

Material quality: There are en number of products are available with different variety all you to have to do just find manufactures provide the product which had made with the best quality materials and assurances. So, you will get the things at a right price with reliability.

Size of longboard matters: The size of longboard matters the most as there are en numbers of skateboards available that are not compatible with the adults, due to these adults are unable to ride those longboards. So the size of a longboard must be according to a person.

Identify the right product: Due to the numerous availability of the products, you can be easily distracted towards the wrong choice. So it is essential to be clear with your choice i.e., what your preferences and requirements are, and then you are capable of finding the right product; either you can consider the best globe longboards reviews to know more about it.

The closure:

Now we are here with a conclusion which is riding a skateboard, or a longboard helps you to stay healthy and fit, but distinguishing such products was difficult, so we have considered best globe long-boards reviews for better information. Riding a longboard provides you with numerous benefits considering physical as well mentall healh benefits, these boards are ruling globally. You should check out the information above to know more.

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