If you let your kids skate or cycle, make sure they wear protective gear. You should ask them to wear the helmet knee pads as well as wrist pads. Therefore, it’s essential for you to look for the best helmets and pads. They ensure to give your kids full protection. There is a lot of different helmet knee pads.

However, not all of them are great for your kids. Therefore, you need to consider a number of features before making your choices. Keep reading this post to get all useful things you should know about the best kids skateboard helmets and pads.

Kids Skateboard Helmets and Pads Review

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Top 5 Best Skateboard Helmets and Pads for Kids Reviews

Shuangjishan Kids Sports Protective Gear Set Helmet and Pads

If your concern is all the selections of helmet and pads set for kids from 3 to 8-year old, you should choose this set. It gives you a durable helmet and wrist pads. This set is safe for your kids when skating.

Moreover, the helmet also comes with an adjustable strap, so it lets you easily adjust the strap to fit your kid’s head. The set comes in various colours. Your kids will love it. Another good feature is that the helmet comes with the vents. They make the helmet breathable.

In addition, the set is durable because of the ABS shell. Moreover, there is also a high-density EPS foam. Therefore, it promises to give your kid a great experience with shock absorption.


  • Available in a variety of different colours
  • Breathable design
  • Durability


  • Relatively larger


KUYOU Kid’s Protective Gears Set

This set is a protective set for your kids. It is designed for many different activities such as skateboarding among others, skating, or cycling. It ensures to give your kids full protection. It comes with a comfortable helmet made of breathable materials.

Moreover, it is constructed with an adjustable elastic Velcro. Therefore, your kids can get a perfect fit. The helmet is built with high-quality materials for durability. That’s why it’s perfect for long-term use.

Additionally, the set also comes with a soft cushioning in the inner part. This feature can keep your kids comfortable. It’s ideal for various head sizes.


  • Great for different kids
  • Offers full protection
  • Highly versatile


  • Seems to be large for some kids


XJD Kids Helmet Sports Gears Set with Pads

Don’t miss the XJD when you are finding the best set of a helmet and protective pads. It promises to give your kids a comfortable helmet. It can help to protect them when skating or biking.

The helmet comes with adjustable straps. Therefore, it’s great for kids from 3-8 years old. You will get a wide range of colours. You can easily choose the perfect one as your kid’s preferences.

In addition, the helmet comes with vents that help to enhance the ventilation process. This feature can also keep your kid’s head cool for a long time. Moreover, it’s also packed with the very comfortable knee and wrist pads.


  • A variety of colours
  • Offers full protection
  • Durable design


  • The sizing isn’t nice


Kiwivalley Kids Outdoor Sports Helmet Knee Elbow Wrist

This set of helmet and pads is a good consideration for a wide range of activities such as skating, cycling, riding a scooter, or rollerblading. It is a good option for your kids. It works well for kids aged from 3 to 8 years.

You can adjust it to fit perfectly for your kid. The helmet can keep your kid’s head cool because of the breathability. The helmet is sure to give perfect protection needed.

You can choose from various colours available. It also means you can easily choose the ultimate colour for your kids. Moreover, it also gives the wrist and knee pads for full protection.


  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • A wide range of colours available


  • The straps seem to be thin


SymbolLife Skateboard Protection Knee Pad with Helmet

Another good set of skateboard helmets and pads is the SymbolLife. It’s a high-quality set you should consider. It comes with a Velcro closure, so it is sure to secure on the head. Moreover, it’s also comfortable thanks to 11 vents to improve breathability.

You can use this set for skateboard, riding a scooter, rollerblading, as well as among others. In addition, you will also receive helmet knee pads to keep your kid safe. You haven’t to worry about the kid even when he falls down because of these pads.


  • Highly durable
  • Great for different kids
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • The wrist pads seem to be not durable


How to Choose Skateboard Helmet Knee Pads

To find the best helmet knee pads for kids, you need to consider some features and factors as below:


You should go for durable helmets and pads. They should be comfortable as well. Most of them are built with ABS plastic material. Therefore, they are sure to give the best protection to the head. Moreover, you also have to consider one with a soft padded inner. We recommend you to choose one made of the soft EVA foam.


Another thing to consider is adjustability. The set you should fit your kid’s head. It’s essential to look for the helmets with adjustable straps so you can easily adjust for the perfect fit. Moreover, you should also choose one with a Velcro for a better fit.


It’s essential to look for a very comfortable helmet and pads. These models ensure to keep the head cool for a long time. It’s also a good idea to get one with vents as well as breathable material to improve the ventilation process.


You should choose a set that is widely applicable. It should be ideal for different activities such as skating, riding, biking, rollerblading, as well as skateboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions Kids Skateboard Helmets and Pads

Can I Use a Bike Helmet for Skateboarding?

You can wear a bike helmet for skateboarding, but not all helmets. You should choose one that can cover the back of the head when riding a skateboard. You can get back a headcover from bike helmets. However, these models offer less than skateboard helmets.

What Helmet Does Pro Skateboarder Wear?

Well, Pro-Tech has been known as the skateboard helmets for years. A huge chunk of the pro skateboarder world wears them. There are several helmets of Pro-Tec on the shelves. More importantly, you need to be equally safe with them.

Is Skateboarding Dangerous?

Just like any other sport, skateboarding also brings risks. You can face injuries ranging from moderate to severe. There are some common injuries you can get such as Sprains, fractures, or strains of some parts of the body as neck, legs, arms, and trunk.


All the top 5 best sets of skateboard helmets and pads are sure to give kids full of protection when skating or cycling. They bring safe helmets made of ABS material as well as EPS material. They ensure to give your kids comfort. Moreover, they are also breathable helmets since they come with vents. Therefore, you can let your kid wear them for long hours.

More importantly, you have to look for a perfect size to suit the kid due to many different sizes available out there. Consider our reviews and buying guides. Then, you can choose a set that is assured of the safety of the kid.

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