If you are a fan of skateboarding, snowboarding, or biking, you need to get a good launch ramp that can give you the best stability and support. You should use the launch ramp to support all the activities with the safe movement. Now, there is a variety of launch ramps out there.

However, not all models are ideal for daily use. When looking for the best launch ramps for skateboard, you have to consider a numbers of features before buying. Keep reading this writing to learn about them.

Best Launch Ramps for Skateboard Reviews

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 Top 5 Best Launch Ramps for Skateboard Reviews

Ten Eighty Launch Ramp

If you need the best one that you can use for kids under 8 years, you can try this launch ramp. This model is sturdy and stable. It’s a safe choice for both kids and adults. It is built with the high impact polymer material. Therefore, it can last long.

Moreover, this is also a good model for scooter as well as inline skates among others. The product comes with a smooth radius. In addition, there is also a slip-resistant textured finish. It also has the push fit rubber feet.


  • Safe design
  • Great for both kids and adults
  • Versatile design


  • Seems to be too narrow for some


Mojo Sky Launch Ramp

The Mojo Sky is great for those who are finding a durable and strong launch ramp for skateboard. It is a good-quality product. It’s built with the strongest metal. Moreover, the model is also portable because of its lightweight design.

What’s more, the Mojo Sky also comes with the ladder truss support design. Therefore, it’s ideal for all activities. In addition, the launch ramp works for skateboarding, skating, as well as biking among others.


  • Durable design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable price


  • Seems to fail to deliver as wanted


Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

This is a reliable launch ramp for skateboard. With this skateboard ramp, you can get a fun and enjoyable skateboarding. Moreover, this unit is also great for other functions such as skates, BMX bikes, or RC cars. You will get two quality ramps from the set. They are sure to serve you for the long time.

You can also easily assemble because of the rugged construction. Moreover, this is also a friendly-budget choice for you. It’s easy to purchase it online.


  • Made to last
  • Great for different activities
  • Affordable price


  • Some may break down with ease


Kryptonics Micro Pyramid Ramp

This model has the right size for little skateboarders. It’s perfect for those who are new to skateboarding. With this model, you can also easily transit from the ground to the ramp. It ensures to give skateboarders more air compared to a regular wedge ramp.

You can combine this ramp with grind boxes, rails, as well as other setups. It is built with a textured riding surface. You haven’t to worry about board wheels slipping on the ramp.


  • Versatile design
  • Portable design


  • Plastic seems to be not durable for use in a long time


Ten-Eighty Micro Flybox Launch Ramp Set

If you need a great beginner driveway ramp, you should choose this set. It’s a good choice for the budget. You can also get tons pf customization as well as flexibility.

It’s built with heavy-duty plastic. Therefore, it can withstand all weather conditions. You can also move it with ease. However, you may face some problems with sliding when you use it alone.


  • Excellent price
  • Great for younger children as well as beginner skaters
  • A lot of creative setups


  • May not be suitable for more advanced skaters
  • May slide around when using it alone


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Launch Ramps


The time the ramp will serve you depends on the built of the launch ramp. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a quality ramp. You should go for one made of the best high impact polymer plastic material. These models are very sturdy and stable. They ensure to serve you for the longest period of time.

Weight Capacity

Another important factor to consider is weight capacity. The product you should support more weight for great service. In fact, you can find many ramps that just support up to 200 lbs. These models can’t serve all user as they expected. It’s best to choose one that can support 250 lbs and above.


You also have to consider safety of the launch ramp before making your purchase. You should choose a launch ramp with a textured surface. Also, choose one that offers a stable and wider rubber foot.


You should choose a launch ramp that is versatile for various activities. In fact, some models are designed for only skateboarding. Therefore, you should look for one that is great for snowboarding, biking, as well as inline skates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Types of Wood is used for Skateboard Ramps?

You can use any type of smooth and sanded plywood. You can use particle board. For a halfpipe outdoors with plywood, we recommend you to use Skatepaint since it can protect it from the snow or rain.

What are skate ramps made of?

In term of material, we commonly see a plastic or plywood material. The skating surface is built with phenolic resins and plastics. Skatelite is able to last for a few years to the outdoor use.

Which surface should I put the skateboard ramp on?

The type of skating surface you are going to use on the slope depends on the position of your ramp. Some common surfaces you can put your skateboard ramp on include plywood, Masonite, and skatelite.

How long will my ramp last?

Ramps are designed to last long. However, this will be decided by the brand you choose, the way you care for your ramp, and the materials used for making it. On an average, a ramp can last for about 5 years without any problems. You can choose one made with a non-slip finish since it can last a little longer.


All the launch ramps listed above are the best considerations on the market now. They are great for long-term use. You can set up them with ease because of the strong and rugged plastic construction. Also, these ramps operate well for different weight loads.

Moreover, they are also safe choices since they are built with slip-resistant surfaces. Plus, these choices are friendly for your wallet. You can use them for skateboarding, biking, inline skates, as well as much more.

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