When the skateboard gets wet, their bearing can lose their lubrication, and the bolts can rust because rainwater is capable of rusting iron easily.

When the lubrication fails, the skateboard will automatically slow down, and the bearing will get weaken from inside towards outside. The skateboard will be unable to move fast or smoothly, which is beyond the rider’s expectation.

Best Skateboard Bearings for Rain

Such malfunctioning occurs due to the non-use of best skateboard bearings for rain; these are the different bearings from the normal ones. These are the bearings that are specially designed to ignore malfunctioning during rains.

The rusty bolts lead to breakage, which can be a headache for the rider. So it would be good for the rider to choose the skateboard bearing for rain.

In this article, we have distinguished some of the best and reliable best skateboard bearings for the rain to help you with better choices, reputed manufacturers, reasonable prices, and the best reviews. These are the bearings that help you to ignore the problems that occur during the rainy season for the skateboard rider.

Our Pinnacle Choices:

The several products available in the market due to these classifying products have become the most laborious task choosing the right one.

Here we have distinguished some of the best products so you would be at ease while choosing the right one according to your choice. Let’s head towards them:

Top 5 Best Skateboard Bearings for 2020

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards:

The zealous bearing for skateboards and longboards provides satisfactory levels, and we have classified this product based on the best skateboard bearings for rain. With precision 8mm axle holes which have built-in speedrings with a size of 0.5mm.

The green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing. Skateboard trucks can withstand water for some time, but if they get wet too frequently, rust. These bearing help you to ignore such problems through its manufacturing.


  • Lubed with Archoil nanoceramic grease
  • It contains green rubber seals to keep the dirt away.
  • They have precision 8mm axle holes


  • These bearings can stop the wheels while moving

Skateboard Ceramic Bearings Skate Bearings

These bearing are specially designed for moving fast and super smooth cruises, which last forever. An individual doesn’t get better than these ceramic bearings. Do not settle for something lesser than this because the ceramic material is super hard and lubricating.

If any debris gets into the races, the ceramic balls with crushing it and smooth out the skateboard races for a continued smooth and fast ride. Such heavy lubricating prevents wear and tear, resists damage from water; this will helps the nylon bearing cage from cracking and rusting.

No matter how fast and hard you ride, these bearing will let you perform like a pro. This is the choice which has made considering the best skateboard bearings for rainIf you find yourself at a place where you have to replace the old bearings with the ceramics, replace them with this one.


  • These are the ceramic bearing
  • This product is capable of making your ride smooth.
  • It assures long spin time.


  • No cons found

70mm Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Skateboards trucks can withstand water for some time, if they get wet too frequently, they will soon start to rust. These are made of synthetic hard rubber; skateboard wheels have no problem with getting wet.

These are made up of 70mmx52mm, and it comes as a set of 4. Provides wheels hardness of 80a, set of eight they are ABEC 7 bearings. For longboard cruiser wheels, these bearing are preferable, which comes as a set of four 8mmx10mm bearing spacers.

These grips tape works well to give your feet traction on the board, even when wet. But grip tape can lose adhesion over time with repeated wetting and drying.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Provides wheels hardness 80a

Cons :

  • No cons found

WiiSHAM Premium Ceramic Bearings with Indestructible

These premium classic bearings with indestructible balls used for faster and smoother rides of skateboards or a longboard. Such bearing comes with a set of 8 Amrgot ceramic bearings that are heavily lubricated to resist drag.

You can break them with a few gnarly rides, and then you can experience a new level of smoothness. Such super hard ceramic bearing is pre-lubricated to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear at high speeds. These are the perfect radiant for skating.


  • Comes at a set of 8 Amrgot
  • Capable of pre-lubricating the ceramic balls.
  • Such lubrication prevents rusting and many other issues as well.


  • No cons found

Skateboard Bearings Precision

These are bearing which you were looking for as this comes under a pack of 8 with 8mm inner diameter, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width.

This makes it capable of handling rain and other weather whoever causes damage to it, the high-quality steel inner and outer races, premium-grade balls, great speed nylon ball retainer. This provides extreme speed, low-friction, super-fast bearing.

Heavy lubrication prevents wear and tear, resists damage from water, which helps nylon bearing cage from cracking. No matter how fast and hard you ride, these bearings will let you enjoy ride joyfully. We’ve classified this based on best skateboard bearings for rain.


  • The lubrication prevents bearings from any damage.
  • Such quality bearings can be used for a fidget spinner.
  • The rubbers in it are removable


  • No cons found

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions:


Are the bearings waterproof?

All bearing are waterproof

Do the ceramic bearings need lubrication?

No, such bearing doesn’t need lubrication as they are completely dry.

Is it fine to ride a skateboard while raining?

Riding a skateboard while raining is not a good idea because there are maximum chances that you will get hurt.

Buying Guide – What Matters The Most?

While thinking of buying the bearing, you should consider the following tips to make a better choice. Here we have distinguished these products based on best skateboard bearings for rain, the reliable manufacturers, the product quality, and quantity (sets of bearings). Following points will help you to know more about how to choose bearings:

Quality: The quality of bearings matters the most as they are things that will lead the skateboard to work faster and smoother. So it is mandatory to check the quality of the bearings before buying.

Stainless steel: The bearing should be made of stainless steel so that they can last longer, and it will not get rusted in the rainy season.

Sets: Usually, bearing comes under a pack of 4 to 8, so the customer doesn’t need to buy them again and again. It lowers the expenses. 

Ceramic coating: The bearing should be made up of ceramic coating, which makes it more durable and long-lasting.

The Final Verdict:

Here we are with a final verdict which is bearing should be made up of such material which makes it more durable. These bearing should be made up of stainless steel, have a ceramic coating, etc. because these things make the bearing long-lasting and help them to stay for a maximum period. Here we have classified some of the best skateboard bearings for rain so you would be at ease while choosing the right one according to your requirement.

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