You may not know the importance of having a good helmet and pads until you get an accident. The fact is that accidents can happen regardless of cruising on the streets, skating park, or even skating in the garden.

Best Skateboard Helmet and Pads

Therefore, it’s essential to get a helmet. It’s also a good idea to invest in protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, as well as elbow pads. In this guide, we will give you the best skateboard helmets and pads. They can give you a better skateboarding experience.

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Top 5 Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet – Best protec skateboard helmet

If you need a sturdy skateboard helmet, the Pro-Tec is a good choice for you. This helmet ensures to offer you full of protection for any speed of skating. It is built with the High-impact ABS shell to absorb shock from impacts.

Moreover, you will also feel comfortable when wearing the helmet. It is able to absorb all the sweat on your escapades since it is constructed with foam lining that gives extra comfort. There is only a different size. This model is ideal for kids aged 3 to 5 years.


  • Ability to absorb maximum impact
  • Additional protection thanks to nylon straps
  • Certified helmet
  • The right ventilation thanks to 11 vents
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • High-quality design


  • Easy to get scratches by friction
  • Limited size option

Triple Eight Gotham Helmet – Best skateboard helmet for cold weather

THE Triple Eight Gotham Hemet is dual certified. It is designed to meet all safety standards. It promises to give you maximum protection. Moreover, this model is also versatile. It’s ideal for bikers, skaters, and more.

It is built with the moisture-wicking liner. It means the helmet can prevent sweat on your face. You can also get protection from the padding. In addition, ventilation can decrease sweat accumulation. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who are a fan of everyday skating.

Another highlight feature is a custom fit thanks to an adjustable fit system. The system allows you to fasten it to various levels to get the perfect fit.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Good design
  • Great ventilation
  • Dual certified
  • Great for bikers and skaters


  • The outer plastic seems to be thinner

Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner

This product is made of rubber. It is built with the EPS hard foam as well as a sweat saver technology. It is designed against all impact the model is subjected to. Moreover, it also comes with the great inner padding that works well on absorbing sweat because of the padding technology.

In addition, you haven’t to concern about any buildup of odors thanks to the ventilation. Besides, this is a multi-impact helmet. However, the shock-absorbing rubber may crack from impact over time.

The unit fits well on the head, so you can easily get the right size. It comes with adjustable straps that allow you to adjust to get a comfortable fit.


  • Offers full of protection
  • Helps to eliminate the smell of sweat thanks to a standard sweat saver liner
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit


  • May get cracked with the impact

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet – Best full face skateboard helmet

If you want to buy a full face helmet for skating, you should choose the Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet. It is a lightweight helmet, so you will feel comfortable on your head. Moreover, it provides you with full protection because of its comfortable fit and perfect design.

It is designed to withstand all the impacts it’s subjected to. Plus, it has a sturdy construction. It is sure to give you the proper confidence to cruise. However, it’s not a good choice for riding at night.


  • Full protection thanks to a full-face design
  • Sturdy design to withstand all kinds of impacts
  • Durable
  • Stylish look


  • The tint can obstruct your vision

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet – Best helmet for hot weather

When it comes to the best skateboard helmets for kids, we can’t miss this helmet. It’s excellent. It’s a good choice for biking, skating, roller skating, and more. The model is sure to fit you perfectly if you have an oval-shaped head.

It also comes with an elegant look. It promises to give exceptional comfort. Moreover, the helmet is also secure on your head thanks to the padding. It is built with 17 sides along with top vents, so it can keep your head cool while skating.


  • Great for youths and kids
  • Excellent price
  • Lightweight
  • Available in brighter colors


  • Not great for all head shapes

Top 5 Best Skateboard Knee Pads Reviews

G-Form Pro-X Impact Protection

This knee pad is known for its safety design. It’s certified with the safety standards. Therefore, if you need a product for quality, it’s just for you. It’s made of impact-absorbing RPT materials. It means the pads can bear multiple forces overtime.

It ensures to keep you dry and cool for a long time. It is built with a soft and breathable mesh back panel. You can use this unit for multiple purposes. Another advantage is the affordable price.


  • Tough and reliable materials
  • Certified with the safety standards
  • Compressed fabric
  • Great for multiple purposes


  • Not perfect for children

G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pads Pair

This unit is built with the same RPT materials as the previous product. It is constructed with flexible foam that can withstand heavy impacts. These pads come with a low-profile design. They are perfectly fit underneath your gears.

It’s simple to operate free ranges of activities. Moreover, they are also breathable. They can decrease the heat as well as sweat on your skin. If you like stylish design, this pair is ideal for you.


  • Tough and reliable materials
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Compressed fabric
  • Perfect fit for multiple purposes


  • Not great for children

Pro-Tec-Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

This is also a reliable safety brand you should consider. The pad is built with the EVA cup foam that can withstand heavy impacts. Moreover, it is CE certified. You can choose these pads for the A1 level C for riders.

It ensures to give you maximum comfort for your actions. It lets you experience free with various types of activities. Moreover, they also provide you flexible pads. This is also a budget friendly pad set you can buy.


  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Quality certified
  • Made of durable fabric
  • Comes with full coverage


  • They may slide down over time

187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards

For a budget-friendly product, you should choose this product. It is known for a good price. You will have to pay $20-26 bucks. They are worth the money. It comes with the angled design. It’s a good consideration for safety.

They are built with ballistic nylon. They are durable units due to the industrial stitching standards. They can also absorb many collisions as well as forces.


  • Thick splint design
  • Offers a nice fit due to an angled design
  • Excellent price


  • Not great for heavy-duty sports

JBM 3-pack

When it comes to the most affordable skateboard helmet, don’t miss the JBM 3-pack. It’s a good choice for beginners with a tight wallet. It’s famous for a reasonable price. The pack will offer you the knee, wrist guards, as well as elbow pads.

In terms of the quality, the plates, as well as protective cups, are built with tough plastic. It includes soft EVA plastic to give you comfort. The straps bring adjustable Velcro closures. Therefore, they are ideal for multiple purposes.

You can choose from two sizes for both youth and adults. It’s a good consideration for basic protection.


  • Affordable price
  • Soft EVA plastic materials
  • Velcro closures for adjustable fits
  • Multiple purposes


  • The fabric isn’t breathable
  • Not various in sizes

Frequently Asked Questions about Skateboard Helmet and Pads

How Can I Choose the Right Size When Buying helmets online?

The most important task you need to do when choosing a skateboard helmet is to choose the right size. Each brand features its own sizing as well as for instructions on the way to measure your head. Besides, you should also read reviews online because some products bring a smaller or larger fitting than you want.

When do I Need to Change my Helmet?

There are two cases when you should stop using your helmet and change it right away:

  • If you have a fall that strikes your helmets to the very hard ground, you will have to check the internal liners. It there is any cracks, it’s time to replace your helmet.
  • If you get lots of minor accidents within a short period of time, you may get cracks inside the helmet. Then, you should consider replacing it for safety.

Which Certification is best for Skateboard Helmets?

You should look for skateboard helmets that are ASTM F-1492 and CPSC safety certified. All these helmets are best for skateboard helmets for you. Well, some models don’t have the ASTM certification. As a result, they are not as safe as others do.


A helmet and pads are necessary for your skateboarding. More importantly, you have to purchase a reliable one. It’s essential to go for lightweight and affordable-price helmets and pads. They also should give you safety features. All the products we’ve just mentioned above are the best choices on the market today. Therefore, you can consider our reviews and choose any model you prefer. The right choice will allow you to enjoy your sport without any hassles.

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