One of the best methods to engage both your mental and physical is skateboarding. Moreover, it is also an excellent consideration for you to get the thrill of exploration sports in your backyard. This is actually a safe way.

Now, let’s check out this article to have an overview of the best skateboard ramps you can purchase. All of them bring their own pros and cons. Consult our reviews for the details and make the right choice for your need. Let’s get started with our top 6 best products on the market now.


Top 6 Best Skateboard Ramps Reviews of 2020

If you’re a beginner and looking to buy a skateboard ramp for skateboarding, then here are the top six cheap and best skateboard ramps, which perfect for learning axle stall or 50 and 50.

Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2 Pack – Best Skateboard Ramp for Home Practice


This skateboard ramp is known as one of the most efficient products out there. You can use this unit on its own. If you want, you can also use it with other ramps. Therefore, it’s easy to get your ramp system. Plus, there are many design features available. That’s why it is worth the money.

You can assemble and install this skateboard ramp with ease thanks to its easy-to-put parts included. In fact, it doesn’t require extra tools to set up. You can use this skateboard ramp with your RC cars, BMX bikes, or more. This is really a good consideration for those who are new to the skating world. 


  • Doesn’t require assembly
  • Great for beginners
  • Weather-resistant


  • Sometimes hard to separate 
  • Get sleek when wet

OC Ramps Halfpipe Ramp – 8ft Wide – Perfect Skateboard Ramp for beginners


Another great skateboard ramp you should try is the OC Ramps Halfpipe Ramp. This is a reliable and durable choice. This is a good consideration for those who are going for a high-quality model. Moreover, it’s also an affordable ramp out there. So, if you want to save your bucks, this is right for you. 

It promises to give you comfort. It’s packed with all the essential things you want to set up the model for use. You can install it with ease. The kit brings pre-cut boards. Moreover, you will receive an instruction manual accompanied by vivid photos that help you set up more easily. 


  • Offers a combo set
  • Weather-resistant
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Maybe not big enough for advanced skaters
  • Problem with sliding around

Ten Eighty Launch Ramp


This skateboard ramp is listed as one of the high-quality models on the market. They offer everything regarding the art of skating. They ensure to give users the most wonderful time. 

You can assemble this unit with ease in minutes. Moreover, it promises to give you a smooth radius. Plus, you can also receive a textured finish. So, it’s safe for you. It features a slip-resistant finish to improve stability. Ten Eighty Launch Ramp is perfect for scooters, skateboards, inline skates, and BMX bikes.


  • Excellent price
  • Great for beginners skaters
  • A lot of innovative setups


  • Problem with sliding around when it’s skated
  • Impossible to skate box alone
  • Become sleek when wet

Ramptech Quaterpipe Skateboard Ramp: 2′ Tall x 4′ Wide


When it comes to the best skateboard ramps, we have to mention this ramp. It is popular for its quality and durability. This model brings a classic design. It’s made of all the best materials. All parts have accurate measurements. That’s why you can assemble it with ease. 

Moreover, you can also install and set up quickly thanks to the pre-cut sizes. Additionally, the manufacturer will give you clear instructions. The product is very durable. It’s made in the USA. 


  • Simple to move.
  • Has great ply.
  • Accurate dimension.


  • Pricey.
  • Not be able to make alternate arrangement.

OC Ramps 4ft Wide Quarterpipe – Best OC Ramps


This skateboard ramp allows you to become an expert. This model is equipped with an entire kit. Therefore, it’s easy to install. Moreover, there are also pre-cut and pre-drilled boards on the ramp. 

Besides its pre-cut, this product also comes with an instruction manual. It includes vivid photos so that you can follow with ease. This is a durable unit because of the highest grade materials, including hardwood as well as lumber. 


  • Stability 
  • Greater slides as well as grinds
  • Good construction 


  • Requires to assemble
  • Pricey a bit

Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps – Best for Outdoor


This unit is known for its considerable design. If you are looking for a beautiful skateboard ramp, you should purchase this product. This one is ideal for not only for experts but also beginners thanks to the durable build. 

The system is built with sturdy construction. Moreover, it’s also slip-resistant, so this is a safe option for you. In addition, it is perfect for outdoor use. It also comes with a tapered leading edge.


  • Simple construction
  • High quality


  • Requires to assemble 
  • Not easy to move

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Skateboard Ramps


How can I do to install a Skateboard Ramp?

Actually, it’s not hard to install a skateboard ramp since most of these models come with pre-cut as well as pre-drilled. All you need to do is just to follow the instruction manual you get from the manufacturer. Furthermore, you can find pictures in some manuals. What’s more, they have easy language, so you can easily follow.

Which Surface Can I Place my Skateboard Ramp on?

The position of your skateboard ramp decides the type of skating surface. You will find some popular surface materials such as plywood, Masonite, as well as satellite. They are able to operate well, depending on the place you decide to use the ramp. 

How Long Will a Skateboard Ramp Last?

Well, ramps are designed to last for a long period of time. However, the durability is also based on the brand you choose, the material it’s made from, and the way you care for your ramp. The fact is that almost ramps are designed to be able to last for up to 5 years with no hassle. They can even last longer. 


Sure, all the products mentioned previously can satisfy you. Each of them has good and bad points. Our top pick is the Landwave Skateboard ramp. It’s a good choice for skater of all ages. It’s perfect for both experts and beginners. It lets you enjoy a safe ride. This one has become the best consideration on the market due to its high quality as well as the excellent construction. Hopefully, our reviews can help you be in the right direction. 

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