Well, the Ollie is known as one of the most important features of skateboarding and longboarding. This trick has the purpose of jumping with no assistance from a rail. Actually, Ollieing on a skateboard is different from on a longboard.

In order to make an Ollie, you need to press down on your foot back on the board tail to push the deck into the air. In order to help you understand more about an Ollie, we’re here. We will focus on guiding you on how to do an Ollie on a longboard. Now, look at our basic steps below:

How to Do an Ollie on a Longboard1

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Steps on Doing an Ollie on a Longboard

Step 1: The Jump

The first step is to stand beside the board. Start the jump with your back foot. Then, you have to lift your legs up in the air and jump. This step allows you to know hat your back foot can help you pop the longboard correctly.

If you are new to a longboard, avoid stomping on your board as you see in many tutorials because it just pushes down rather than jumping.

Step 2: The Pop

The next step is to get on the longboard. It’s important to care for the foot placement. Make sure you place your back foot on the tail. The front foot should be closer to the nose of your longboard.

Now, it’s time to jump off your back foot like on the ground. Keep in mind it’s important to determine if you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3: Leveling Out and Getting Air

To do this step, you need to stand on your longboard tail. The front foot should be right near the nose. After the initial pop, this move will make your board lifting up. In order to go all the way and get maximum height on your Ollie, you need to lift up your back foot. Push the board nose forward to make the tail rise. Then, you can get the peak of your Ollie.

Step 4: Reaching sky high

Well, you won’t get much height on your virgin jump as well as some latter jumps. However, the practice will allow you to increase the height you expect to gain. The height of your Ollie decides the height you gain. You can only keep the board as high as your feet to offer the maximum height to your Ollie. We recommend you pull your knees up towards your chest.

Step 5: Mid Air

When being off the ground, you should level your longboard to the ground while still being in mid-air. It’s vital that you shouldn’t stick the front of the longboard up in the air on the way down. This tip is to help you when being into jumping gaps.

Step 6: Landing

When being in the air, you can easily know what is going up has to go down. This step is for a landing. All you have to do is to jump and you need a reflexive move once jumping. You need to focus your weight in the center. And, don’t lean in any direction. Otherwise, it may damage your board.

Step 7: Back on Ground

This step is also similar to taking off since if you land your Ollie with both feet, it may snap. Moreover, don’t land on the nose and tail to avoid damaging both of them. We recommend you to keep your knees bend when you land. This can help to absorb the shock.

Frequently Asked Questions Ollie on a Longboard

Do you jump when you Ollie?

The answer is yes. When you do an Ollie, it’s time to get your footing to gain the center of gravity between your skateboard and you. After that, you will jump with equal weight on both feet.

Why is Ollie so hard?

The fact is that gravity isn’t the only factor that affects the skateboard. Not like a soccer ball in mid-flight, this sport is being actively steered. It’s so hard to do an Ollie. You will need to steer the skateboard while it’s in the air.

Is it easier to Ollie with smaller wheels?

It’s easy to realise that smaller wheels are lighter. It means you will add less weight to your setup. With smaller wheels, you can get higher air. Also, they won’t affect much on your movements, speeds, as well as flip tricks. With smaller wheels, you can flip your deck a lot more easily than if you use wider wheels.


To do an Ollie, you need to be patient. Make sure you remember all the steps and tips we have just mentioned above. You should wear safety gear at all times. All these seven above steps are essential to follow in order to learn how to do an Ollie on a longboard properly. Good luck!

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