On a skateboard, it’s essential to slow down for dangerous situations. There are many different stops that depend on if you’re a beginner or a professional skateboarder. The stop should be suitable for your needs. You should practice each stop a few times before trying them while you’re riding at a fast speed. Actually, there is a lot of ways you can do to stop on a skateboard. Keeping reading this article, we will show you some great ways you can try.

How to Slow Down on a Skateboard

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Ways to Slow Down/ Stop on a Skateboard

Tail Scraping or Jumping Off


Tail scrape

You just should do that when you are going slowly. This is a basic way. It’s easy to lose control when you perform it. That’s why it is important to try this method casually on a sidewalk. Avoid using it in dangerous cases.

Move your minor foot to the skateboard back

You need to lean forward and keep your weight on the feet balls. Keep your dominant foot staying next to the middle of your skateboard. Remember to lift up your arms once losing balance.

Use your back foot to press the tail

You have to keep applying pressure so that it exposes to the ground. If there is a scraping sound, you’re stopping your board. However, you only should step off the board once going to a complete halt.

Jump off the board safely when needed

Do it once you lose control. This way sometimes is a safe solution for you. However, you should try it only in case of an emergency. More importantly, you have to jump with the proper technique.

Braking with Your Foot


Footbrake for skating

Footbrake is an essential way to skating on level ground. Avoid doing this as an emergency stop. It’s also not a good idea to footbrake when going downhill. It only should be used for casual skating. Don’t use this way if you wear open-toed shoes. Actually, this way is friendly for beginners.

Turn one foot forward

The first step is to turn the toes forward. It’s best to keep them face the nose of the board. This way ensures to give you a great footbrake. You should use your dominant foot for this.

Let your weight move to the front foot

After moving your weight to the front foot, you need to get the back foot down. Once you get steady, it’s time to allow your foot to fall to the ground. Avoid leaning on the back foot. Otherwise, you may fall off the skateboard. We recommend you to let your heel touch the ground first.

Controlled Slide Stopping


A controlled slide stop for braking downhill

It’s a good idea to do slide stops once you have to brake fast. This way is better than jumping off your skateboard. You just should jump off the skateboard jumping off your skateboard cases. Otherwise, it may lead to injuries. Remember to always bring protective gear and wear them all the time you have to do a slide stop in an emergency situation.

Put your front foot forward

Just like foot braking, all you need to do is to move the front foot so that it’s opposite to the nose of the board. It’s best to determine the place of your skateboard’s front bolts. Then, place your foot above them.

Put your hand on the road

Once you begin to lean back, you should put your hand on the road. Don’t forget to wear gloves in order to protect your hands from getting road burn. Allow your boardslide to a stop. Then, lift your hand up once finished.

Don’t forget to try first

This step is really necessary before you try the real thing. If you are in a case that you have to brake when you’re skating downhill, it’s important to practice first. We recommend you to start on a gradually sloping sidewalk.



Powerslide is ideal for a confident skater

This way is just like sliding. However, it’s related to more advanced maneuvers. Avoid doing this as a go-to if you have to stop quickly. It’s better to perform power sliding at skate parks. You can also do this if you are practicing tricks with others. It’s important to pay attention to traffic next to your skateboard first.

Move your weight to your heels

Gently lean to the front of the board. Then, you can get full control of the powerslide. Therefore, you can also turn more fully. Focus most of the weight on the front of the heels.

Revolve your body in your slide’s direction

You need to concentrate on turning your hips in order to move both your upper and lower body. Your front foot can act as a pivot at a 90-degree angle of sliding. You shouldn’t move too quickly since it can lead to losing balance.

Use your back foot to kick out

This step is to finish your powerslide while you’re gradually coming to a stop. Always remember to lean back. Stop it only when your board has stopped. Otherwise, you may lose your balance.



In conclusion, you always have to be careful when slowing down on a skateboard. Avoid getting going too quickly if you want to stop a skateboard. Always keep your eyes on the traffic around. In order to avoid any potential injuries, it’s important to know exactly how to slow down on a skateboard. In this writing, we’ve shown you all the effective ways you can try. Hopefully, our tips are useful, and you enjoy it.

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