Both biking and skating may cause falls. Therefore, it’s important for you to protect your head. However, if the skateboard helmet is the same as the bicycle helmet. When choosing the right helmet, you need to go for the safety first. Moreover, you also have to pay attention to the helmet functionality. In this article, we will share with you the difference between skateboard helmets and bicycle helmets.

Safety Standards

​Different sports are accompanied by different helmet safety standards. You can determine safety standards through tickers on the inside of helmets. Here are some basic guidelines:

Bike Helmets

  • CPSC standard for bike helmets.
  • ​Bike helmets are designed to endure a single major impact.
  • Bike helmets need to be disposed of since the impact changes the helmet.
  • It’s not essential to change the helmet if you only dinged a branch

​Skate Helmets

  • ​Some skate helmets meet the ASTM F1492 standard. They are built with softer foam.
  • These helmets are not great for high impact hits. They are ideal for multiple low impacts.
  • They come with the thicker outer shell to withstand multiple impacts.

Skate Helmets with Better Protection​

Most skate helmets now are dual-certified to meet the CPSC standard. You should choose a better protection. Then, you haven’t to change the helmet more often.

Head Coverage

The major differences between skateboard helmets and bicycle helmets are the visors, vents, as well as head coverage. Downhill mountain bike helmets as well as aggressive BMX helmets bring a full face coverage.

It’s essential to get a serious helmet for serious jumping as well as serious speed on biking. It’s not a good idea to use full face helmets for general use since they have heavier weight. Therefore, you will feel less comfortable. Moreover, these models are also hotter than other models.

Road bike helmets aren’t designed to cover the lower part of the back of your head. Therefore, the back of your head may hit the ground. Many mountain bike helmets come with lower head coverage in the back because of the various types of impacts and falls. Skate helmets come with coverage on the lower part of the back of the head.

To Visor or Not to Visor?

You can see visors in mountain bike helmets, and road bike helmets don’t come with visors. That’s why road cyclists shield their eyes by wearing sunglasses. The fact is that mountain bikers often wear low light lenses when riding in shade. Most skate helmets don’t include visors.

Are Vents Cool?

Vents can keep the head cool. Among a wide range of bike and skate helmets types, you can get the most vents from road bike helmets since we will heat up more when wearing helmets. These helmets will be more expensive.

Expensive road bike helmets usually focus more on aerodynamics as well. And, you will see fewer vents in the more aerodynamic varieties because the vents make wind drag. The classic skate helmet comes with a smooth and round shape design. They have only a few vents.


Many mountain bikers, casual road cyclists, and commuters love skate style helmets because of their looks. On the contrary, few skateboarders or skaters look for bike style helmets for the looks.

Normally, skate helmets are often cooler. Moreover, these models are more youthful. We recommend you to choose style-wise the skate inspired design since they help to prevent you from looking out of place on a skateboard, a bike, or in-line skating.

New Technology

MIPS is a new development for helmets. These Helmets are designed to decrease rotational forces in certain types of impacts. You will have to pay for the cost of MIPS. However, it is worth the money you pay. Although they have become popular these days, you still need to do more research before MIPS is considered as a standard.


There are many risks you can get if you don’t wear helmets when riding or skating. Helmets are designed to give you the head protection. The above comparison between skateboard helmets and bicycle helmets lets you see substantial crossover between them with style, functionality, and safety.

Make sure you choose a helmet that is certified. Then, it can protect the back of your head. Moreover, it will be sure to keep your much safer on your electric skateboard.

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