There is a lot of longboard types available out there. Therefore, it’s not always easy to choose the best one for you. Indeed, there are various longboarding styles as well as shapes. In fact, not every board can operate well for every skater.

Types of Longboard Skateboards

If you choose the right tool, you can get more fun in skating. There are so many options to choose from. This writing is to help you narrow down your choices. In this article, we will introduce you to some main types of longboards. Keep reading to discover them.

Types of Longboard Skateboards Details

Cruiser Longboards


These boards bring a pintail shape. They are actually top-mounted. They are designed to be ideal for carving. They also come with smoothly big wheels. That’s why you can roll with ease without catching on the sidewalk cracks.

These models are perfect for carving, cruising, as well as learning to freeride. With these longboard skateboards, you can also take them with you everywhere you want with ease.

Carving Longboards


These models are actually more fine-tuned a bit compared to the cruising category. You can set up them for carving similarly to a cruiser. However, they come with more concave on the top of the board.

There are spacers between the trucks in setting them. These spacers aim to fight wheel bite. Also, this one is to gain height. Wheel bite happens when leaning into a turn. This can stop your motion. Most boards come with a wheel that is cut well into these boards in order to fight wheel bite.

Freeride Longboards


Another good choice for both cruising and carving is the freeride longboard. They bring many slides as well as more speed compared to the two first ones. These longboards are available in all shapes as well as sizes. They are designed with smaller wheels, so you can slide.

These boards are one of the most popular decks out there. There are also holes included in the drop-throughs, so you can hang them off the bolts. That’s why they are more stable when you’re sliding.

They are also equipped with different concaves and cambers, so they are safe for you to place your foot with slides. Also, they are ideal for controlling your high speeds. In addition, they also offer you another place where you can push your foot against when practicing various slides.

Push Longboards


You can use push longboards for everything except distance and commuting. They promise to give you more comfortable pushing. They come with mid-sized wheels. Moreover, there are also trucks that help to offer you space to push, while you don’t catch the wheel.

If you want to get a travel distance, you should try this longboard type. It’s worth checking out. They ensure to give you everything you expect from the other categories. They are also the best designed push ones out there.

Dance Longboards


Longboard dancing has been popular in Europe. Moreover, it is popular in the USA as well. For longboard dancing, you need a good balance. If you are looking for a board full of space to spin around, you should choose dance longboards.

They are designed to be flat. Also, they come with a little bit of camber. With these boards, you can move your feet naturally around. Actually, these models are so big. This style is a good option for those who just like flatland longboard tricks.

Downhill Longboards


If you are looking for the most technically built boards out there, it’s time to consider downhill longboards. These longboards are made to give you more control. Moreover, they also offer stronger carve. Their wheels are gripper a bit compared to other models.

If you choose downhill boards, you will receive many unique shapes as well as curves. There is an extra ridge in the middle. Therefore, you can get more control. This feature will also give you more options for placement.

When using this longboard style, you should use to wear speed suits. Also, don’t forget to wear full face helmets in order to avoid crashing at 70+ MPH. And, if you plan to go to a skate shop, remember to check these decks out first. There is a wide range of brands for downhill, so it’s important to determine what you want most for your planning.



Now, we’ve already given you all the styles of boards out there. They are designed for different ways of skating. We recommend you to list the skating styles you like best. For instance, if your concern is only speed, you should consider the downhill longboards.

And, it’s a good idea to consider the cruise, commute, and carve if you want to roll with your friends. The dance longboard is perfect for those who are going for throwing some fresh dance. Most importantly, you need to look for one which gives you the most fun.

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